My thoughts on new PM

My thoughts on new PM

We all know people have their own opinions on lawyers, and rightly or wrongly we are labelled the same as other professions such as estate agents, but politicians are another kettle of fish.

I have to admit that I’m not particularly a big fan of politics or politicians. I’m not going to share my feelings on Brexit, other than it seems like the decision is final and all we can do now is hope our politicians make the best future decisions for this country.

Brexit does seem to have really shaken politics up, and I’m quite sure that is a good thing. For too long now it does seem as though those in power have taken the British people for granted. I’m hoping that Brexit has taught those in power that it is still the British people that ultimately have the final say.

David Cameron, George Osborne and likely a few others have paid the price with their jobs, and it’s simply because they didn’t seem to have any connection to the “ordinary” British people. Whether that’s right or wrong isn’t for me to decide.

But now we have a new PM, Theresa May. As I said I’m not a big fan of politics but I’m quite pleased that Theresa May is the new PM. I know she was a “remainer” but apparently it was a close call. I think that shows that she has some understanding of the real mood of the nation. The fact she has put some “brexiteers” such as Boris Johnson and David Davis in important positions gives a small clue as to her feelings now, and that is that the majority of people that voted voted to leave the EU and starting right now we’re going to get on with it and get the job done.

Leaving Brexit aside now, I have a good feeling about the future of Britain and the UK. I think the future could be a wonderful thing, but the politicians in charge must connect more with the people as I think it is us, the ordinary folk of the UK that really understand what is best for our country.