Chilling in the park

I was out the other day taking my usual walk towards the shops and I thought I’d take a detour from my usual route. There’s a park not far from home but I never usually go near it as I’ve always assumed it was full of dog walkers, joggers and screaming kids but for some strange reason I was tempted by a change of scenery and took the short cut through an alleyway down to the park.

It’s an amazing green space in the middle of a busy city and if you didn’t know it was there it’s very easy to miss as it’s surrounded by houses, shops and offices. As I left the alley the smell hit me first, it smelt green – weird I know but I think there was a fresh, watery smell as the dew on the flowers was starting to clear in the heat of the rising sun. It was pretty amazing, a massive space but very few people that I could see and very little noise. It was like leaving the metropolis via the alleyway had transported me somewhere completely different. I know it sounds dramatic but the change really amazed me.

I followed the path and sat down on a bench in the top right hand corner of the park. The bench was dedicated to “Jill and David who loved this park”. As I sat there I could see why they did. I must’ve sat there for 40 minutes watching the world go by, which really means watching not a lot. I’m not a fan of flowers and trees, so couldn’t tell you what types were there but the park was set out in sections of colours, red flowers then bushes, then yellow flowers followed by more bushes, then I saw purple pansies (I know what pansies look like!!) and so on.

Then I started people watching, like I often do and I spotted a couple hand in hand walking on the path the other side of the park. Were they husband and wife, a new couple still getting to know each other or were they having an affair? I couldn’t decide. Then I saw a child on a skateboard and realised that years ago I’d have been working out what compensation he’d get if he hit a hole in the path and fell off and injured himself, but not anymore, those days are behind me and to be honest I was quite enjoying the fact I could just sit there and not be thinking about work, but old habits die hard. I looked again at the brass plaque on the bench and agreed with Jill and David that the park really is a lovely place and I could understand why they loved it so much.

I’ve made an agreement with myself that once a week I’m going to go down to the park and either go for a walk or sit and relax for an hour. It really was quite therapeutic and very, very relaxing. If there’s a park near you that you’ve not been to for a while I really can recommend taking some time out for a visit.

Making the most of Social Media as a personal injury lawyer

Making the most of Social Media as a personal injury lawyer

Although I’m not tech savy one thing that I used to love about being a lawyer is social media. It’s a fantastic way to engage with people, and help people (and gain clients) that are looking for advice about a personal injury. But the best part about it is how many people you can reach from advertising on social media, and just how in-expensive it is. Unlike traditional methods of advertising such as an ad in the local paper, with social media you can acually target your ads at the people you want to see them. It’s quite amazing really!

I find it somewhat perplexing that the majority of lawyers still do not have active social media accounts. Most lawyers  don’t seem to have realised yet how beneficial that social media accounts can be to their practices. Some lawyers even seem to link advertising on social media with cold calling. If you are one of those lawyers then I’ve decided to write a short guide if you will on how personal injury lawyers can boost the number of clients by making the most of what social media has to offer.

Social media is an excellent advertising medium

Many personal injury lawyers are not up to speed with modern day technology and have not yet fully embraced what internet marketing, and social media advertising can do for our businesses. I know that I was very reluctant to try the new techniques of marketing because I was convinced that the old ways were working just fine. Actually I was more intimidated by the new technology and I was reluctant to learn new things.

I am here to tell you that times are changing and the best thing you can do for your business, whether you are a personal injury lawyer, a solicitor, or any other type of business is to embrace social media as an advertising medium.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and all of the other social websites that people use to get connected with other people are great advertising mediums because there are countless numbers of people on these sites interacting with each other. At any given time there are thousands, if not millions of people using these sites, just from the UK alone. That means at any given time your advertisement for your firm could be seen by millions of people. That is probably a few more people than you are going to reach with the advertisement you have in the local newspaper.

How does Facebook advertising work?

The first thing you need to do is establish a Facebook page for your business. This is free to do and you can write daily posts (or whenever you feel like it) that will show up in the news feeds of everyone that is your Facebook friend. On your page you can have the physical address of your offices, you can have your phone number and your hours of operation. You can post pictures of you and your staff if you want to, and you can engage with people by answering their questions.

You can get your family and friends to recommend your page to their family and friends. You can even have a small contest to see how many people you can get to “like” your Facebook page. There are lots of times when people on Facebook reach out to their friends and ask them to recommend businesses to them. Get your business on Facebook so your friends can recommend you and the people will be able to follow an automatic link that is established when your Facebook name is mentioned.

You can also do paid advertising on Facebook. When you pay to advertise your business name and information will be recommended to the Facebook users on the left hand side of their pages. All they have to do is click on the advertisement and they will be transported to your pages where they can discover all that you can provide them.

Google Plus

Google is a search engine as we all know, but they also offer ways for businesses to get more recognition with your online presence. One of the things that can help you is to have a Google Places for Business. With the connection to Google Places for Business you will automatically be assigned a Google Plus page.

When you add information to any of your Google Plus pages all of them will automatically be updated. You can alert clients of office hour changes, or any changes using this easy to manoeuvre social site. You can also increase your website (should you have one, and every personal injury lawyer should) rankings with the search engines using these sites.

Twitter Accounts

With Twitter you will need to be a little more involved. You will see trending subjects and be able to talk to people about that subject. A personal injury lawyer might see where someone is talking about being hurt on the job and you could advise people on how to evaluate settlement offers and things that pertain to the subject.

You want to make comments, and give advice that the people can really use without seeming to push your business on them. This can be tricky to do, but the results can be well worth any “hassle”.


This site is used more for pictures. You can post pictures of your offices, and of your staff. You can post other pictures people might like to see and simply get your name out there. Link people to your website to see more pictures if they like the ones that you have posted. This can drive traffic to your door.


This site is more for business connections than any of the other social sites are. You can have business friends and regular friends on these pages. You can promote your offices and the things you specialise in. It’s a great way to do some quick and easy networking.

The bottom line is, if you aren’t using social media to boost the number of clients you have then frankly you’re missing a trick. Get started straight away by signing up to Facebook or Twitter, don’t wait until tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. Once you get started you’ll never look back.

Well that’s about it for today, I’m pooped!

My thoughts on new PM

My thoughts on new PM

We all know people have their own opinions on lawyers, and rightly or wrongly we are labelled the same as other professions such as estate agents, but politicians are another kettle of fish.

I have to admit that I’m not particularly a big fan of politics or politicians. I’m not going to share my feelings on Brexit, other than it seems like the decision is final and all we can do now is hope our politicians make the best future decisions for this country.

Brexit does seem to have really shaken politics up, and I’m quite sure that is a good thing. For too long now it does seem as though those in power have taken the British people for granted. I’m hoping that Brexit has taught those in power that it is still the British people that ultimately have the final say.

David Cameron, George Osborne and likely a few others have paid the price with their jobs, and it’s simply because they didn’t seem to have any connection to the “ordinary” British people. Whether that’s right or wrong isn’t for me to decide.

But now we have a new PM, Theresa May. As I said I’m not a big fan of politics but I’m quite pleased that Theresa May is the new PM. I know she was a “remainer” but apparently it was a close call. I think that shows that she has some understanding of the real mood of the nation. The fact she has put some “brexiteers” such as Boris Johnson and David Davis in important positions gives a small clue as to her feelings now, and that is that the majority of people that voted voted to leave the EU and starting right now we’re going to get on with it and get the job done.

Leaving Brexit aside now, I have a good feeling about the future of Britain and the UK. I think the future could be a wonderful thing, but the politicians in charge must connect more with the people as I think it is us, the ordinary folk of the UK that really understand what is best for our country.

Helens new blog

Helens new blog

Wow, things are really shaken up here in the UK at the moment.

With all the drama around Brexit and voting to leave the EU, David Cameron quitting as PM, the Labour Party seemingly in turmoil, the fight to be the new PM just beginning, could the news get any more dramatic? I guess we shall find out tomorrow when the long awaited Chilcott report is (finally!!!) released, but I’m guessing it will be a case of don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, back to now, and welcome to my blog.

Yes, for those people that know me I have started a blog, finally. I’m not technically savvy at all and don’t expect many people to drop by, other than those who might know me, occasionally, maybe?

So I’ve been fully retired now as a personal injury lawyer for a couple of years and have been enjoying my retirement immensely. People would often say to me that I wouldn’t know what to do with all of my spare time, and they were right, for the first month at least.

Since that first month I can honestly say I haven’t been bored at all. Having said that I do miss some of the excitement that a lawyers life can bring, but I still keep up to date with personal injury law and read various legal blogs.

One thing I have been interested in for a few years now is starting a blog, and I’m glad I have finally got around to actually doing it. It’s been thoroughly interesting finding out about how websites work and everything else besides, but rather than keep reading I decided to jump straight in, and here I am.

So what’s this blog about? Well I haven’t set a plan out and will probably just write to it if I get bored. I will be focusing mainly on personal injury related topics as that’s my first love, with other things thrown into the mix, but generally it’s just a way to entertain myself.

One thing I do tend to do is ramble on, as you might have noticed already and will try to cut that out. Anyway, on we go.

Update – It may take me a while to figure out how to make this blog look more “prettier” but I’ll get there.