Chilling in the park

I was out the other day taking my usual walk towards the shops and I thought I’d take a detour from my usual route. There’s a park not far from home but I never usually go near it as I’ve always assumed it was full of dog walkers, joggers and screaming kids but for some strange reason I was tempted by a change of scenery and took the short cut through an alleyway down to the park.

It’s an amazing green space in the middle of a busy city and if you didn’t know it was there it’s very easy to miss as it’s surrounded by houses, shops and offices. As I left the alley the smell hit me first, it smelt green – weird I know but I think there was a fresh, watery smell as the dew on the flowers was starting to clear in the heat of the rising sun. It was pretty amazing, a massive space but very few people that I could see and very little noise. It was like leaving the metropolis via the alleyway had transported me somewhere completely different. I know it sounds dramatic but the change really amazed me.

I followed the path and sat down on a bench in the top right hand corner of the park. The bench was dedicated to “Jill and David who loved this park”. As I sat there I could see why they did. I must’ve sat there for 40 minutes watching the world go by, which really means watching not a lot. I’m not a fan of flowers and trees, so couldn’t tell you what types were there but the park was set out in sections of colours, red flowers then bushes, then yellow flowers followed by more bushes, then I saw purple pansies (I know what pansies look like!!) and so on.

Then I started people watching, like I often do and I spotted a couple hand in hand walking on the path the other side of the park. Were they husband and wife, a new couple still getting to know each other or were they having an affair? I couldn’t decide. Then I saw a child on a skateboard and realised that years ago I’d have been working out what compensation he’d get if he hit a hole in the path and fell off and injured himself, but not anymore, those days are behind me and to be honest I was quite enjoying the fact I could just sit there and not be thinking about work, but old habits die hard. I looked again at the brass plaque on the bench and agreed with Jill and David that the park really is a lovely place and I could understand why they loved it so much.

I’ve made an agreement with myself that once a week I’m going to go down to the park and either go for a walk or sit and relax for an hour. It really was quite therapeutic and very, very relaxing. If there’s a park near you that you’ve not been to for a while I really can recommend taking some time out for a visit.

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